We are living through unprecedented times and it’s easy to get caught up in the news and social media surrounding COVID-19 and feel anxiety, fear, and worry. Staying grounded and calming the stress response can help us get through this with grace. Here are a few exercises to try:

-If you only do one group of exercises, make it the Daily Energy Routine. This routine helps all of our energies by making space in the body for energy to move and flow, crossing over our energies for optimal health, and helping to ground us.

-Grounding is important for our emotional and physical well-being. Try Taking Down the Flame

 – Calming the stress response can help us to find a sense of calm instead of allowing worry and anxiety to slip in. Try the Mellow MudraHolding Your Main NV Points, or the Triple Warmer Smoothie

– It is easy to get caught up in other’s energies right now. If you are sensitive and feel those energies creep in try the “Blow Out” to release those energies or strengthen your aura by Swimming the Aura.   

Donna Eden has offered the following exercises to help build your immune system and calm anxiety surrounding COVID-19: