The energy pathways in our body that are called Meridians are responsible for keeping all our body’s major organ systems balanced. When they are in balance, we can achieve greater physical and emotional health. Each Meridian is associated with an organ in the body, and this month’s “spotlight” is on Liver. Our Liver is responsible for hundreds of functions every day and keeping it healthy and balanced can go a long way to improving our overall health and well-being.

The Liver Meridian (LV) is associated with the largest physical organ in our body and has the most known functions out of any other organ. Sometimes called the “General” or “Chief of Staff” in Traditional Chinese Medicine, it is most active when we sleep (from 1 am to 3 am) and is involved with digestion, metabolism, filtration, detoxification, immune function, eye health, ligaments and tendons, and hormone health. Emotionally, an imbalance in the LV Meridian can result in an inability to relax, frustration, irritability, and anger against ourselves, as well as feelings of guilt. However, a balanced LV Meridian can result in kindness toward ourselves, a belief in our inner strength, inspiration, and creativity.

Tracing the pathway of a meridian can help to balance it. LV Meridian runs up both sides of the body and begins at the inside of the big toes. It comes up the inside of the legs, over the hips to the sides of the ribcage and ends under the breast area in line with the nipples (see diagram). You can trace it with your hands as many times as you like, but to give LV an even bigger boost, you can ‘flush’ it by tracing the meridian backwards one time, and then forward three times (see video on my website for more information).

The Source Point for any Meridian not only helps to balance the Meridian itself, but also sends energy directly to its associated organ. The point called Liver 3 is LV Meridian’s Source point. It is located on the top of the foot where the big toe bone meets the second toe bone. You can press and massage this point on both feet for as long as you like. Do this at least once a day to help balance LV Meridian.

Holding points on the head that are called the LV Neurovasculars (NV) can help to balance hormone function as well as the emotional aspects of LV. These points are located at the hairline. You can simply place your hand sideways over your hairline area and use a light pressure, or I like to place the palm of my hand over the middle of my forehead and rest my fingers over the top of my head. This can help balance a few energy systems, including the LV system.             Another way to unblock stuck energy in the LV Meridian is to deeply press or massage the LV Neurolymphatic Points (NL). These are located under the breast area on the right side of the body. Use a deep pressure and if they are sore, it just means you needed to work with them.

(Published in Front Porch Magazine- March 2020)

Videos to Balance Liver Meridian