Qigong is an ancient practice from China that has been around for more than 3,000 years. It focuses on the energy flow through different energy pathways in the body, called Meridians, and energy centers in the body, called Dantians.

“Qi” refers to the life force that animates all living beings and “gong” means cultivation or practice. “Qigong” is the cultivation of the life force.

As a Healing Qi Gong Practitioner, my focus is on helping the body’s energies align, so that you can achieve good health and wellbeing. This modality blends seamlessly with Eden Energy Medicine to create a relaxing healing session.

There are also countless Qi Gong practices that you can perform yourself. Check out some of the exercises linked below from my Master Teacher Robert Peng to get a feel for how Qi Gong can help you awaken your own healing power.

The Four Golden Wheels

Empowering Central Meridian

Creating a Qi Ball

Eighteen Minute Daily Routine