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We’ve all been there- you start to feel some type of pain come on and you reach for the Advil or Tylenol to relieve it before it gets too bad. That option usually works, but why not try a more natural approach before you pop that next pill?  Eden Energy Medicine (EEM) is an integrative modality that offers natural techniques to relieve pain by balancing the energy in your body. Try one or all of these exercises and see if that pain goes away.

Breathing out the Pain is based on the idea that the breath moves energy and is a very simple technique that can relieve pain. While focusing on the pain and with your mouth closed, breathe in through your nose. I like to imagine the in-breath traveling to the pain site and collecting the pain. Then, breathe out through your mouth and imagine blowing out the pain. Do this several times, slowing down your breathing with each breath.

Stretching or Tapping on and around the pain site can loosen congested energy and make space for energy to move, which in turn can alleviate pain. These techniques work best with sore muscles or areas of inflammation. Please, do not do these exercises over or around an open wound. To use stretching for pain relief, simply stretch an inch or two beyond the site of the pain. To tap, use your fingers or even a hairbrush with plastic bristles to tap over the area of pain for as long as it feels good or until the pain decreases (about a minute or so).

Figure Eights represent one of the optimal way that energy should move- in a crossover pattern. The more your energy crosses over, the healthier your body, so it makes sense that making figure eights over the site of any pain should help it heal faster. Simply draw large or small figure eights over the area of pain either above the pain site or directly on the skin.

Pain Siphoning is best done with a partner, but I have had success doing this technique on myself as well. Place your left hand over the area of pain with your right hand down and away from your body. Imagine the pain being pulled out of the body, traveling through your left hand and out through your right hand. Do this for a few minutes or until you feel the pain has subsided. Essentially, you are ‘siphoning’ out the pain using your hands. You may also need to shake your right hand if you feel energy getting stuck. Next, place your right hand over the area you have been working with and raise your left hand up. Imagine healing energy coming through your left hand, into your right hand and into the painful area. This may sound like an odd exercise, but I can attest that it does work. Finish with drawing figure eights over the area.

These techniques are taken from the book, Energy Medicine, by Donna Eden as well as training materials from her classes. If these exercises don’t help the pain or if it worsens, please consult a qualified health care professional.  For all types of pain, including dispersed or chronic pain, you can lessen the impact by keeping your energetic systems balanced with the Daily Energy Routine.

(Published in Front Porch magazine- August 2018)