Originally published in Front Porch Magazine– October 2018

Fall is a beautiful time of year, and just as the trees seek to find balance by releasing their leaves, we can also find balance this season with Eden Energy Medicine (EEM).  Thousands of years ago, the Chinese mapped out the Five Elements or Rhythms. This system offers us an understanding of the processes within nature, as well as within our bodies.

Metal is the element in this Five Rhythm model that represents Autumn. Just as the organs associated with this element, Lung and Large Intestine, are all about releasing things in the body that are no longer needed, the element itself is all about letting go.

Working with the Lung and Large Intestine Meridians (energy pathways in the body) can help us to feel more balanced during this time of year. Deeply massaging points associated with these two Meridians called Neurolymphatic points (NL) can help. Large Intestine NL points are located on the outside of the thigh and Lung NL points are in the middle of the chest. Rub the whole area that is associated with these points deeply (see diagram). If any point is sore, then you definitely need to work with them.

Another way to balance the Lung and Large Intestine Meridians is to work with the Source Points (SP) associated with them. Lung’s SP (which can also help with colds) is located on the inside of the arm where the thumb meets the wrist (see diagram). Large Intestine Source Point (which can also help with headaches) is located on the back of the hand at the webbing where the thumb and index finger bones meet. DO NOT USE the Large Intestine point if you are pregnant. Rub and hold these points for about 30 seconds. You can also trace figure 8s over them.

Another way to balance the rhythm of metal is to hold the Metal Neurovascular Points located at the very top of your head with the Main Neurovascular Points on your forehead above your eyebrows. Hold these points at the same time for as long as it takes to feel more balanced and release what you no longer need.

One favorite exercise of mine, called Human Touching the Divine, can help us to energetically release things we have been holding onto. Place your hands on the sides of your legs and ground your energies by feeling a connection with the earth. Inhale and bring your hands straight up to your sides and then, with an exhale and an “Sssss” sound, collapse your chest and round your arms in front with your fingers almost touching. Imagine holding your world and all your family and loved ones, and cradling them. Inhale, opening your arms wide and up, and letting everything go. Exhale and bring your fingers together a little closer, but not touching. Inhale and open up again, surrendering and trusting that all is well. Exhale and allow your fingers to touch in front of your body, cross your hands over each other, and draw them to your chest feeling surrender and trust. With your hands on your chest, imagine that every time you exhale, you are drawing in what you either love or are sad about, and on each inbreath, you let your grip on those things go and open to faith.

I hope you find balance this season as you make room for the beauty that is to come.