Summer is here, and like many beach and pool-goers (including me), you might be trying to shed a few pounds to look your best. Eden Energy Medicine can be used along with a healthy diet and exercise to help balance the body, so that it works as optimally as possible. Why not try a few of the following EEM techniques to help you out in the weight loss department?

An oldie but a goodie, the Triple Warmer Smoothie does many things to calm the body, and it can also help us calm cravings and make an informed choice about our eating. Try this before grabbing that second piece of pie and see if it makes you think twice. Rest your face in your hands with your palms at your chin, and fingers at your temples. As you breathe in deeply lift your fingers a few inches above the ears. On an exhale, circle behind your ears and press down the sides of your neck to your shoulders. As you hang your hands on your shoulders, press in and breath for two breaths. Finally, drag your hands down to cover your heart and take a deep breath.

Once we eat, we want what goes in our bodies to travel where it is needed and not stick around too long. Doing the Spleen Tap to aid a healthy metabolism can help move things along in a balanced way. Simply, tap the areas located on both sides of your body at the base of your ribs.  Do this regularly at least ten seconds before and after you eat. Massaging the Spleen points under the ribcage can also help (see diagram).

The Metabolic Tummy Breath does just what it says- aids our metabolism to work more efficiently. Breath in while sucking in your tummy as much as possible, until you can’t take in any more air. Then take in three, very quick, tiny breaths. Finally exhale, still sucking in your tummy until you have no more air left to release. Breathe out with three more quick, tiny breaths. Do this regularly to help reset a sluggish metabolism.

Aiding the digestive process is another way to help us on our road to a healthier body. Resetting the Ileocecal and Houston Valves is a quick and easy way to move things along. With your fingers inside of your hip bones near your pubic bone, drag them up about six to seven inches with firm pressure while inhaling. Repeat this motion for a total of four times. Then, place your thumbs at the bottom of your ribcage and drag them down toward the hip bone to complete the exercise.

Working with the Large and Small Intestine Neurolymphatic Reflex Points can also help with digestion. Massage deeply along the outside and inside of your thighs with pressure to activate these points (see diagram).

Excess toxins can get our metabolism off balance, as well, and simply massaging the hands and feet is one way to help energy continue to move and not stick around. Drinking lots of water helps to move those toxins out, so be sure to stay hydrated.

As always doing the five minute Daily Energy Routine, is a big helper in all departments and can keep your body functioning in a balanced way.

(Published in Front Porch Magazine- July 2018)