Keeping our hormones healthy is an essential part of having overall good health. We have over 250 different hormones that are responsible for regulating growth and metabolism along with governing many other processes within our bodies. Our health can be affected when they are out of balance, but we can thrive when our hormones are in balance. The following are a few ways to keep our hormones on top of their game using Eden Energy Medicine (EEM) techniques.

The Hormone Hookup can help to balance some of the glands that play an important role in hormone production and regulation: the hypothalamus and pituitary gland. Place the palm of one hand on your forehead while bringing the middle finger of that hand to the top of your head. Create what is called a ‘three-finger-notch’ by placing the tips of your thumb, first and second fingers together and place that notch on the back of your head behind your eyebrows. Take some slow, deep breaths, and hopefully you will feel a little calmer and a little more balanced.

Adrenaline and cortisol play an important role in how we handle stress. An imbalance in our adrenal glands can lead to depression, exhaustion, and a harder time coping with our daily lives. Buzzing or pressing on the adrenal points, located one inch above and one inch out from the naval, for about fifteen seconds can help these glands. Do this on the front of the body, and on the corresponding areas on the back of the body regularly. You can also work with a meridian (energy pathways in the body) called Triple Warmer to help calm your adrenals. One way to do this is to place your thumbs on your temples with your fingers on your forehead. Hold these points lightly and take some deep breaths.

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