As we continue our yearlong journey through the Meridians (energy pathways in the body), this month brings us to the Spleen Meridian. The Spleen Meridian (SP), according to Traditional Chinese Medicine, has a tremendous role to play in the area of metabolism. It not only metabolizes our food, but also helps to process our emotions, thoughts, and experiences.

The Spleen, as an energy system, is also associated with the Pancreas, and together these two organs help to breakdown food and worn out tissue, such as red blood cells. An imbalanced SP can lead to digestion issues, exhaustion, stress, and even chronic fatigue because of the role it plays in helping to keep our immune system functioning optimally. Emotionally, we can feel worry, have an inability to understand our experiences and recognize the good in them, and over-think things. We can also have trouble concentrating, be overly concerned with how others view us, and can have low self-esteem.

However, when we use techniques to balance SP (like the Eden Energy Medicine exercises listed below), we can feel a fairness toward ourselves and others, be open to our experiences and view them in a positive way, and are open to the possibilities ahead of us. In essence, we can experience compassion and joy toward ourselves and others when SP is balanced.

The Spleen Radiant Circuit Activation exercise can help to boost SP as well as an energy system associated with keeping us in a joy filled place. Place your thumb, first and middle fingers in a cluster together (called a 3-finger notch) at the center of your chest and with the other hand, place a three-finger notch on any side of your body toward the bottom of the ribcage, about four inches from the armpit. Hold these points and take deep breaths for as long as it feels good (see diagram).

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