One energy principle that Donna Eden teaches through Eden Energy Medicine (EEM) is that energy needs space to move. You may have heard of the practice of Feng Shui, which aims to harmonize us with our environment by changing the space we live in. One major part of this practice is to make space for new energy by clearing out old energy in the form of things. Our bodies are no different. In order for energy to move it needs space, but because of the stress that we may experience in our daily lives, we often become tighter and more restricted. Holding onto that old energy can lead to physical and emotional imbalances. Fortunately, some EEM techniques can help us make space so that our energy flows more smoothly. 

The Blow Out helps to release emotional toxins and can help you let go of built up anger and frustration. To begin, bring your arms to either side of your body and make fists, imagining that all your frustrations and negative feelings are in your hands. On an inhale, bring your arms above your head, and on an exhale, bring them down quickly and open your fists, using the “shhh” sound. Repeat three times and on the last movement, bring your hands down slowly and let it all go.

Energy tends to get stuck on our hands and feet. Opening the hand and foot gaits helps to clear this energy. Simply massage deeply between the bones of the feet and hands and rub and stretch the palms and bottom of your feet. Finish by pulling the energy off of your feet, as well as each of your fingers.

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