When I meet clients for the first time or teach an Eden Energy Medicine (EEM) class, I often begin by sharing some of the Principles of Energy Medicine that Donna Eden teaches. Every exercise or technique in EEM is based on these principles, and this month I am focusing on the principle of cross-over patterns.

Energy wants to cross over, and it likes to do so in small and large figure 8 patterns. These crossovers are found everywhere, from the pattern of our DNA to the communication systems between the left and right sides of our brain, and the stronger these cross-over and figure eight patterns are, the healthier we are.

When your energies are not crossing over, we can feel tired, unfocused, depressed, or simply not have much energy or motivation. We can also be more vulnerable to illness. Creating a habit in the body of crossover energies can help us to feel more energetic, enhance our coordination, balance left and right brain communication, and clear our thinking so we are more focused.

We often will create that cross over energy without even realizing it by crossing our legs or arms, or even doodling on paper, but there are also some EEM exercises that can help us to create even more crossover patterns.

To perform the Crossover Shoulder Pull and Cross Crawl, start with a shoulder pull by placing your right hand on your left shoulder. With a little pressure, push in and drag your hand across your body to the opposite hip. After repeating on both sides a few times, move to an exaggerated walk as you cross over each hand to the opposite knee. Continue this cross-over march a few more times to cement the pattern. If this exercise leaves you tired instead of feeling more energetic, visit my website for another way to encourage cross-over patterns.        

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