As 2021 begins, one way to start the year off right is to adopt some new habits that can keep us healthy and resilient throughout the year. Eden Energy Medicine (EEM) is one natural way to do that. EEM works with simple techniques and exercises to balance the energies of the body for maximum health and wellbeing. This month’s topic is about the Wind Points and how to balance them using EEM techniques.

In Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), “The Five Winds” or “The Five Devils” are outside forces, or raw energies, that can enter our body through something called the Wind Points. Just as a house may have cracks in windows or doors where the wind or cold can enter, our body has similar places where these forces can cause disruption in our energies and can ultimately be one of the reasons we develop illness.

Depending on the types of external energies or “Disruptive Forces” that enter through our Wind Points, we can experience a variety of symptoms including sudden chills, colds, fever, the flu, joint pain, and stomach aches and pains. We can also develop fatigue, mood swings, sudden anxiety or depression, and skin eruptions among other things. Our goal is to maintain them and keep them strong and resilient so that these energies do not have a place to enter the body.

There are ways that an EEM Practitioner can test the body to find any weaknesses in these Wind Points, but there is also a way for you to work with them yourself. You can simply hold or rub the area on the skin over the locations, and even better, trace figure eights on the skin over the points described below (some are also noted in the diagram). You can imagine that you are sealing them up as you work with each area, and you may notice that it feels pretty good to work with them.

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