A new year has begun, and you have probably made some goals or resolutions to fulfill in the coming year. Eden Energy Medicine exercises can help you maintain your focus on those goals, as well as on day-to-day activities. Try some of these and see if you gain more clarity and focus in the coming year.

Two tried and true exercises to help are taken from Donna Eden’s Daily Energy Routine. Both exercises will help you to think more clearly. To perform the Crown Pull, place your thumbs on your temples and your fingertips in the middle of your forehead. With pressure, stretch your forehead by moving your fingers to your temples. Repeat at your hairline and move over your head until you reach the base of your neck. Pull across it and place your fingers behind your shoulders. Squeeze your fingers over them to the front, and with a deep breath, pull your hands off.

The Cross Crawl can also help to improve coordination, as well as help with clarity. Start with a shoulder pull by placing your right hand on your left shoulder. With a little pressure, push in and drag your hand across your body to the opposite hip. Repeat on both sides a few times, and then move to an exaggerated walk as you cross over each hand to the opposite knee. If your left knee is up, your right hand should cross over to touch it. Continue this cross-over march for at least one minute.

Staying grounded and connected is a key element in maintaining focus and attention, and one of my favorite exercises that accomplishes this is Taking Down the Flame. Take a deep breath in and out with your hands on your thighs. On the next inhale, raise your hands on either side of your body and connect them above your head so that your fingers and thumbs meet.   Bring them down to your head, touching your thumbs to the top of your head, and exhale. Inhale and bring your thumbs to the middle of your forehead. Exhale. On the next inhale, move your thumbs to your heart. Exhale. Then inhale and bring your thumbs to your naval. Exhale. Inhale and flatten your hands on your thighs and move them down your legs, and off your toes. Finally, trace your hands up the inside of your legs, finishing in the same spot you started.

The Four Memory Pumps not only help you to think more clearly, they can also help keep your memory sharp if done regularly. Place your right hand on your chest, and the other on the side of your head with your fingers extended over your head. Take four deep breaths in through your nose and out through your mouth. Then, move your left hand to the front of your head with your fingers extending over your forehead and repeat the breath pattern. Next, place your left hand on your chest, and your right hand on the side of your head and breathe four times again. Finally, place your right hand on the back of your head and breath four more times. This exercise has actually helped me to find misplaced or forgotten items, and since then, I have tried to make it an everyday exercise.

(Published in Front Porch Magazine- Jan. 2019)