March FP

Your heart beats about 100,000 times a day and is constantly working to keep you alive. Unfortunately, we sometimes take it for granted, so why not show your heart a little love with Eden Energy Medicine (EEM)? The following simple exercises can help strengthen, support, and balance your heart, so that it can feel a little more loved.

The Chest Stretch Protocol for the Heart helps to balance the Heart meridian (energy pathways in the body) and the organ itself. While sitting on the edge of a chair, place your palms over your kidneys on your back. On a deep breath in, lift your chest and try to pull your elbows together. Hold this pose for ten to fifteen seconds, and then release your breath. Repeat this a few times.

Pressing and buzzing acupoints on the body, can also help balance the heart. The Power Point is at the back of your head at the base of the skull. It is in the dip you feel in the center where your head meets your neck. Working with this point, can help calm anxiety, balance blood pressure, and support heart health.

The acupoint, Heart 7, can increase the flow of energy to the heart. This point is in line with your pinky finger where your hand and wrist meet. The Liver 3 (LV 3) point helps to balance the Liver meridian so that it can help support the heart. It lies in a dip in the “webbing” area between the big toe and second toe.

The pericardium is the heart’s protector, and working with this meridian helps the heart too. Holding the Pericardium 6 point aids with the communication between the pericardium and the heart, and can help with heart palpitations. It is located on the inside of the arm near the wrist (see image). Please note that if you are pregnant, this point should not be used as it is a “forbidden point” during pregnancy.

Many, or all of these points, may be tender, so work your way up to using a firmer pressure. If they are sore, then that means they are crying out for some love and balancing.

One technique that we often do without even thinking about it is simply massaging our palms. This helps many meridians, and if you twist your baby fingers as you come off your hand, you have also given your Heart meridian an extra boost.

An exercise that I have mentioned before to help relieve anxiety can also help lower the heart rate and blood pressure if done in a slow and controlled way. The Blow Out or Expelling the Venom begins with your arms on either side of your body in fists. Imagine that all your frustrations and negative feelings are in your hands, and on an inhale, bring your arms behind you and then above your head. On an exhale, bring them down and open your fists, using the “shhh” sound. Repeat three times and on the last movement, bring your hands down slowly and deliberately and let it all go.

Placing one flat hand over your heart area and the other hand over the area beneath your belly button can also help the heart. Breathe peacefully for about two to five minutes, and you will also feel more centered.

Keeping your body’s energy balanced is the first step to true wellness, and the Daily Energy Routine (DER) can be the gateway to it. View the DER on the first page of this website.

(Published in Front Porch Magazine- March 2018)