EEM for Eyes

Originally Published in Front Porch Magazine- Oct.2017

Our eyes are the window to our soul, and we want to keep them healthy. Stress, age, and simple overuse can impact our vision, but luckily Eden Energy Medicine offers ways to get and keep our precious peepers doing their job and feeling good while doing it.

Energy needs to have space to move for us to be balanced, and the area around the eyes is no exception. Doing the Crown Pull regularly makes space for clogged energy to release and the blood to circulate more efficiently. Start with your thumbs on your temples and your fingertips in the middle of your forehead. With pressure, stretch your forehead by moving your fingers to your temples. Repeat at your hairline and move over your head until you reach the base of your neck. Pull across it, and place your fingers behind your shoulders, squeeze them and pull your fingers over to the front. Take a deep breath and pull your hands off.

Rubbing and Palming the eyes is another way to increase blood and energy flow, and it also helps with how the brain processes visual signals. When you wake up, give your eyes a nice, gentle rub. This supports your eyes by working with a meridian that is involved in eye health. Next palm your eyes by rubbing both of your hands together and shaking them off. Without touching the eyes, slightly cup your palms and place the heel of your hand on your cheekbones with the tips of your fingers resting at your hairline. Place your thumbs at your temples and cross your pinky fingers in the middle of your forehead. Hold this for about 1 to 3 minutes.

You can also relax the energies that go through the eyes by holding other points around them. Place your thumbs at the bottom of each cheekbone and your fingers over the tops of your eyebrows (see image). Hold this for a few deep breaths. Tracing figure eights between the eyes, as well as within your visual field, can help increase eye coordination and communication between the eyes and the brain. Make this motion as if you are drawing a pair of glasses between both eyes.

The Tibetan Eye Chart offers a natural way to correct vision and eye coordination. It was designed by Tibetan monks, and you can use it to strengthen your eye muscles to improve vision if used often. The chart is attached, however you may want a larger version, so I suggest searching the internet to print one. Place it on a wall with the center at the height of your nose. Trace the image with your eyes moving from one dot to the next in a clockwise motion, and then in a counterclockwise motion. Next, move your eyes from the center red dot down each arm to the black dots, and then back to the red dot. Do each of these exercises first from a distance of four to six inches, and then again from about three feet away. If you wear glasses, do each exercise with your glasses on first, and then with them off.

Keeping your eyes healthy also involves being sure to attend to them throughout the day. Give them new things to look at, especially if a computer is part of your regular scenery. Shift often from focusing on close things and things farther away. Move your head and scan the area with your eyes to keep them moving. There are amazing things to look at in this world of ours. Do these exercises regularly and hopefully, you can keep your eyes working so that you can continue to appreciate the scenery around us.