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Originally published in Front Porch Magazine, May 2017

Do you ever feel spacey or disconnected? What about feeling tired for no reason or having trouble staying focused? Luckily, there may be a simple fix that can help us reconnect, invigorate us, and according to some studies, even help with inflammation. It is called grounding, or earthing, and just like we ground an outlet for better functionality, it can help us feel more connected and improve our emotional and physical well-being.

One of the best ways to ground is through nature. Simply walking barefoot in the grass (especially wet grass) can do wonders by pulling in the healing energy of Mother Earth through acupressure points on the bottoms of your feet. If getting outside is not an option, Eden Energy Medicine offers some do-it-yourself techniques to help us ground, so that we can live healthier lives.

Our feet are powerful grounding tools, and rocking back and forth by raising up on your toes and back on your heels is a great grounding technique. You can also open your foot ‘gaits’ by massaging in between the bones on the top of your feet, rubbing the bottom of your feet by pushing in and stretching the heels away from the balls of your feet, and squeezing down the sides. You can work your hand ‘gaits’ as well, by rubbing the palms of each hand with your thumb and massaging in between the bones on the back side of the hand. Finish by pulling off the energy from each finger.

The Grounding Thump (part of the Daily Energy Routine- Front Porch, Jan. and Feb. 2017) is a quick way to get grounded and can also help relieve any feelings of worry. Simply tap on your cheekbones while taking two to three deep breaths.

One of my favorites is the Quickie Grounder, and aside from grounding you, it just makes you feel good. Do a Hook-Up by placing one finger in your belly button, and another finger in the middle of your forehead. Take a few breaths. Next, place your hands on your waist with your thumbs in the front and hands in the back. Slide them down your legs with pressure and then squeeze the sides of your feet. Take two breaths while holding the sides of your feet and then trace up the inside of your feet and legs.

Taking Down the Flame is also great to do before bed for a better night’s sleep, and can lower blood pressure if done on a regular basis. Take a deep breath in and out with your hands on your thighs. On the next inhale, raise your hands on either side of your body and connect them above your head so that your fingers and thumbs meet.   Bring them down to your head, touching your thumbs to the top of your head, and exhale. Inhale and bring your thumbs to the middle of your forehead, exhale. Inhale and bring your thumbs to your heart, exhale. Inhale and bring your thumbs to your naval, exhale. On the next inhale, flatten your hands on your thighs and move them down your legs, and off your toes. Then trace your hands up the inside of your legs, finishing in the same spot you started.

Whatever tool that you use, studies have shown that maintaining your grounding can improve your circulation, reduce inflammation, and helps the nervous system function properly. It is also a fantastic way to maintain a healthier emotional outlook, so get grounded!