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We are living in unsettled times, and when things around us feel like they aren’t in control, that can often translate to an internal out-of-control feeling. Keeping those emotions inside can also eventually translate into a physical issue, so it’s a good thing to release them for your own well being. One technique to calm your anger or frustration is with an Eden Energy Medicine (EEM) technique called “Blowing Out the Venom.”

Eden Energy Medicine combines ancient techniques such as acupuncture, Qigong and Chinese Medicine in order to balance and energize the body. We are all energy and when we use certain exercises and techniques to balance that energy, we can process and rid ourselves of unwanted emotions and physical issues, and create deeper happiness and harmony in our lives.

I love this exercise because it is a tactile and kinesthetic way to really release all of those emotions that are pent up inside. To start, stand with your hands in front of you, palms open. Imagine that you are holding all of those things that you are angry and frustrated about in the palms of your hands. Take a deep breath, and at the same time, make fists, raise your hands behind you, and bring them above your head. With a vigorous movement, throw your hands down beside you and open your hands. It is as if you are throwing those unwanted emotions and ideas away. Make a hard shhhhh sound as you bring your hands down, or you can also say the name of the thing or person that you were thinking of.

I usually do this about three times, and can feel an immediate relief when doing it. On the last round, bring your hands down more slowly and deliberately to really seal in the release. I also like to do the “Zip Up” when I’m finished to protect myself against negativity.  Starting at your pubic bone, use both hands to trace straight up the center of the front of your body to your bottom lip. Then, imagining a lock and key, lock Central Meridian (the meridian you just traced) at your bottom lip. Central Meridian governs self-suggestion, so this can also boost your self confidence.

”Releasing the Venom” is a great exercise to do before going to sleep in order to release all of those unwanted emotions that have built up throughout the day. I am betting that you will have a better night’s sleep too!